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Robert Robbins rrobbins at GDB.ORG
Fri Dec 9 09:29:38 EST 1994

This is a request for information not specifically about arabidopsis

I am doing a study comparing over time the relative cost of computer
technology with laboratory staff salary costs. 

That means I need to come up with figures for the average salary or
stipend for a biological graduate student, post doc, and lab technician
over about a twenty-five year period.  What I would really like to be able
to do is fill in the following table with real numbers (instead of the
guesses and question marks I now have).  

I'm not after official, bureau of labor statistics style perfect averages,
just ball-park typical figures.  If I had access to files with enough old
grant proposals, I'd just go look up a couple of typical values for those
years.  But I don't, so I can't. 

If anyone has access to relevant data and is willing to share it, I'd sure
appreciate it.  Even knowledgeable guesses and recollections would be
helpful, to balance against my guesses and recollections.  Reports of
present or recent data would also be helpful.


Typical Biology Labor costs:

          grad student     post doc      lab tech      fringe
          stipend          salary        salary        benefits
  1970      4,000 (*)      12,000 (**)    8,000 (**)     20%
  1975        ??              ??            ??           ??
  1980        ??              ??            ??           ??
  1985        ??              ??            ??           ??
  1990        ??              ??            ??           ??
  1995     15,000          32,000        18,000          30%

  2000     estimates to be calculated from above table...

  NOTES:  * - fringes do not apply
         ** - fringes do apply

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