WWW/Gopher sites for Biotech job postings

Mark Wilkinson markw at UNIXG.UBC.CA
Thu Dec 15 13:45:01 EST 1994

Hello all, 

        This came to my attention yesterday, and since I haven't seen this
announced on this group I thought I'd toss it out to everyone:

Two sites (one WWW site, and one searchable gopher site) are up and running
to bring prospective biotech employers and employees together.  It allows
searching for job postings (for the prospective employee) and submitted
resumes (for the employer) by keyword.

The addresses are:

WWW:     http://www.gate.net/biotech-jobs/

Gopher:    gopher://gopher.gate.net/11/marketplace/biotech-jobs

Hope you find this useful, 

markw at unixg.ubc.ca

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