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Fri Dec 16 00:55:10 EST 1994

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Candace Waddell <Candace_Waddell at> wrote:
>  Does anyone know if past issues of the Arabidopsis Information Service are
>available electronically or as a hard copy collection?  There are several
>issues from the late 80's that I am trying to locate.  Thanks for the help.

All issues of AIS are available electronically from the AAtDB Project's
Gopher and World Wide Web servers. All the tables and figures have been
scanned and are available as GIF image files.

For Gopher users:

connect to (if your software asks its port 70)

Select menu option 5:

      4.  ...
 -->  5.  Arabidopsis Information (thale cress)/
      6.  Caenorhabditis Information (nematode)/

Then menu option 6:

	5.  The Compleat Guide (Arabidopsis techniques)/
   -->  6.  Electronic Arabidopsis Information Service/
	7.  Arabidopsis Community/

For WWW users:

link to the URL:

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