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I have a student, working on watermelons (we try to think of them as viney,
fleshy-fruited Arabidopsis), who has selected a line that shows - for lack of
a better description - a conditional chlorophyll deficiency we call juvenile
albino (ja).  In this mutant, the cotyledons and maybe even the first
true-leaf are yellowish/white.  Eventually, under the right conditions, the
plants can grow out of this and subsequent leaves are nice and green, the
plant flowers, sets seed, etc.  He is investigating things like day length,
light quality, light intensity, etc. (as well as the genetics) looking for
stimuli that may regulate/modify this trait.
Can anyone suggest to us some literature they feel may be relevant?  I'm not
trying to get you to do (all) our literature search for us, we'd just like at
least a nudge in the right direction -- as this topic is currently out of our
area of (limited!) expertise.

Thanks in advance for any help.

PS - this "ja" line came out of his efforts to identify a phenotypic
"seedling" marker for a male-sterility trait, which is also present in the
parental material.

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