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Dr. George Haughn haughn at UNIXG.UBC.CA
Mon Dec 19 17:16:32 EST 1994

        A postdoctoral position is available immediately for a plant 
molecular biologist to investigate aspects of the transport and assimilation 
of N in Arabidopsis and rice.  Prospects exist within thia project for 
collaborative studies with laboratories in the USA, Europe and the 
Phillipines.  Previous experieince in molecular biology is essential, and 
preference will be given to candidates with experience using plant and/or 
yeast transformation systems.  To apply, contact: A.D.M. Glass.  Department 
of Botany. University of British Columbia, Vancouver, B.C. Canada; telephone 
604-822-4847, fax 604-822-6089, e-mail aglass at

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