Arabidopsis genome research progress report: year three

mdilwort at mdilwort at
Tue Feb 1 11:22:33 EST 1994

          The latest annual progress report (Year three report) of the
          Multinational Coordinated Arabidopsis Genome Research
          Project, prepared by the Multinational Science Steering
          Committee, is now available from the National Science
          Foundation.  The publication number is NSF 93-173.  Copies
          are being sent to individuals on the mailing list supplied
          by the Ohio Arabidopsis Biological Resource Center.  The
          list includes all the registered participants of the 5th
          International Conference on Arabidopsis Research (604 names)
          plus additional 300 or so individuals who have communicated
          with the Ohio Resource Center.  If you are on the mailing
          list, you will be receiving your copy within two weeks or

          Request for a copy can be sent via e-mail to
          mdilwort at  Please include name and complete mailing
          address, preferably in a mailing label format.

          The text of the report without its appendices is available
          electronically through the NSF's Science and Technology
          Information System (STIS).  STIS can be accessed via e-mail,
          anonymous FTP, on-line, or Internet Gopher.  For additional
          assistance on STIS, please contact stis at or call

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