$50,000 plant sel. marker competition

DEKKER_B at rulgca.LeidenUniv.nl DEKKER_B at rulgca.LeidenUniv.nl
Wed Feb 2 10:26:31 EST 1994

In the February issue of The Plant Cell, an add will appear from
MOGEN, Leiden, The Netherlands in which we announce a competition for
a new suitable plant selectable marker. The competition is open to all.
For those of you who receive the Plant Cell very late because of slow surface ma
il or who do not have a subscription, you can apply for the text of
the advertisement by fax.
Send an e-mail to DEKKER_B at RULGCA.LEIDENUNIV.NL with this request
and be sure to include your name and fax number in the message.
Also give a clear subject header in the e-mail so we won't miss you
between all the e-mail bulletin messages.
Dr. Brigitte Damm
Einsteinweg 97
The Netherlands
fax +31-71-221471

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