AAtDB World Wide Web server

John Morris MorrisJohn at frodo.mgh.harvard.edu
Thu Feb 3 10:57:38 EST 1994

The enhanced text and graphics capabilities of the World Wide Web clients
are making them a popular method of transferring information over the
Internet.  I'm pleased to announce the availability of a web server for the
AAtDB project.  To reach it, use the Universal Resource Locator (URL)

The server is underdevelopment, so the menus are likely to change.  The
main resource which is available is a reformatted version of the
Arabidopsis Information Service (AIS)  a news letter published from 1984 to
1990.  With the advent of the WWW server, the tables and figures are now
readily available with the text.  The AAtDB gopher is also available, as is
a form for you to send in your address information for the next AAtDB

If you have an Internet connection, but do not have a WWW client, you can
obtain Mosaic client software using the command "ftp ftp.ncsa.uiuc.edu" and
entering the user name "anonymous" (all without the quotes).

NCSA Mosaic clients are available for UNIX X windows machines, Macintosh,
and Microsoft Windows.


John Morris
Curator, AAtDB project
Dept of Molecular Biology
Massachusetts General Hospital
Boston MA 02114

email morrisjohn at frodo.mgh.harvard.edu
fax   617-726-6893
voice 617-726-5935

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