DEB-induced mutations, etc.

Abby Telfer atelfer at
Fri Feb 4 12:39:44 EST 1994

The following is a summary of responses to my question about what types of
mutations had been identified in DEB-induced alleles and in non-tagged
alleles from T-DNA mutageneses.  Many thanks to Margaret Ahmad, Rick
Amasino, Philip Benfey, Caren Chang, John Larkin, Anne Lehman, Gregg Roman
and Detlef Weigel who provided information about a total of 16 alleles.

5 point mutations 
1 2bp inversion

non-tagged T-DNA:
1 point
1 1bp deletion
1 5bp deletion
1 10bp deletion and 1bp insertion
1 12 bp deletion
1 1.2kb deletion
1 intragenic rearrangement
3 others not sequenced, but with no changes detectable by Southern analysis 

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