request for seeds for tutorials

Pierre Berthomieu berthom at
Fri Feb 11 12:26:52 EST 1994

Hi all,

for tutorials that I am organising for master students, I would like 
students to perform cosegregation analyses between a mutation and CAPS.
For instance, I would like the students to study the F2 progeny of a cross 
between hy1 or hy2... mutants and wild-type columbia by (1) sowing the seeds
and scoring the hy phenotype and (2) performing CAPS analysis with a few
selected CAPS. I thus need F2 (F3,...) progeny from crosses between an easy
scorable mutant such as hy1, hy2... Unfortunately, I am not able to obtain
my own F2 in time due to technical problems. 
Could anybody send me a couple of hundred seeds of a cross between
a wild type ecotype and a mutant easily scorable (i.e. quick response, easy 
way to score for the mutation; floral development mutant are not ideal 
because it is a least three weeks between sowing and scoring for the 

Thank you very much in advance for your help.
Be sure that I will not do any work on this mutant, I need it only for

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