Postdoc in Arabis Molecular Evolution

Thomas Mitchell-Olds tmo at POPGEN.BIOLOGY.UMT.EDU
Wed Feb 16 13:55:27 EST 1994

Postdoc in Plant Molecular Population Genetics: 

	A postdoc is available to study molecular evolutionary 
genetics of Arabis fecunda, a wild relative of Arabidopsis.  
We are studying population differentiation and DNA sequence 
evolution at several loci.  Regulatory genes controlling 
initiation of flowering (e.g., luminadependens) have 
pleiotropic effects on fecundity and age of first 
reproduction.  Analysis of DNA sequence polymorphisms and 
mapping quantitative trait loci will permit inferences about 
factors affecting molecular evolution and its ecological 

	This position entails laboratory work in molecular 
evolution during most of the year, and field studies of wild 
populations during the summer.  Applicants should be 
experienced with methods of molecular biology and concepts 
of evolutionary genetics.  Applicants should also be willing 
to conduct field work in mountainous areas of western 
Montana during the summer.

Application deadline: 15 April 1994, or until a suitable 
candidate is found

Preferred starting date: 1 July 1994

For further information contact:

Thomas Mitchell-Olds

e-mail: tmo at

phone:  607-275-0065

Permanent Address:
  Division of Biological Sciences
  University of Montana
  Missoula, MT 59812

Address for correspondence until 1 June 1994:
  Section of Genetics and Development
  Biotechnology Building
  Cornell University
  Ithaca, NY 14853

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