Tama Fox tcf2 at cornell.edu
Thu Feb 24 14:19:10 EST 1994

We are interested in trying to antisense two arabidopsis genes and need a
little advice about choosing the appropriate promoters.  One of these genes
is expressed primarily in the root.  We have not done in situ hybridization
with it so we are not sure if it is specific to any one cell type.  Can
anyone recommend a promoter which would drive abundant and uniform
expression of an antisense construct in Arabidopsis roots?  The other gene
is expressed primarily in the shoot with some expression in the root.   We
would also like to antisense this and would appreciate any suggestions
regarding promoters which would allow us to knock out expression of this
gene in both the shoots and roots.  Any advice would be appreciated.

Tama Fox
Cornell University
tcf2 at cornell.edu

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