postdoc position

kohorn at ACPUB.DUKE.EDU kohorn at ACPUB.DUKE.EDU
Wed Feb 23 21:07:54 EST 1994

A postdoctoral position is available starting July 1994 to study an
Arabidopsis leaf, plasma membrane protein that has i) an extracellular
domain (containing EGF repeats) that is  linked to the cell wall, and ii) a
cytoplasmic serine/threonine kinase domain. This kinase is a member of a
family and has a soluble sibling in the chloroplast which also needs
investigating. Its a great project. Applicants should have experience with
either biochemistry and/or molecular biology of any organism. For more
information, please respond to this email address or to 139 Biolgical
Science Bldg. Botany Dept., Duke Univ. Durham NC 27708.

                        Bruce Kohorn, Duke University

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