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Mon Feb 28 09:55:49 EST 1994

     On January 25, 1994 the following letter was sent to
individuals who, to the best of our knowledge, were senior authors
of papers in which lines containing new mutations of Arabidopsis
were described.  For those of you who received this letter, but
have not yet been able to send the stocks, this is a friendly
reminder.  If you have such lines, but did not receive the letter,
we apologize for missing you; and you are invited to donate the stocks,
as outlined below.  We are already receiving some donations
from this campaign, and your cooperation will ensure its success.

Dear (Arabidopsis Researcher):

     The Arabidopsis Biological Resource Center at Ohio State
(ABRC) and the Nottingham Arabidopsis Stock Centre (NASC) are
currently striving to assemble the most representative mutant
collection possible of this species.  This will ensure the maximum
utility of these collections to the scientific research community. 
Consequently, we are attempting to procure as many of the
published mutant strains of Arabidopsis as possible.  Arabidopsis
researchers enthusiastically support the sharing of genetic stocks
through the stock centers, and, as you know, researchers who
author refereed publications describing mutants and other genetic
stocks are expected to make these materials available to the
scientific community, specifically through the stock center

     As a consequence, we are soliciting the donation of all lines
for which publications exist or are in press. We would be very
appreciative if you could donate the appropriate lines to either
ABRC or NASC.  North American donors should send materials to ABRC
and European donors should send seeds to NASC.  Duplicate
donations are not required, as we share all stocks.  The addresses
for sending seeds are: 

Dr. Mary Anderson		   Arabidopsis Biological Resource Center
NASC				   Ohio State University
Department of Life Science	   Room 309 Botany & Zoology Bldg.
University of Nottingham	   1735 Neil Avenue
Nottingham, NG7 2RD		   Columbus, OH 43210
U.K.			           U.S.A.
e-mail:   			   e-mail:	
plzmlh at    arabidopsis+ at

     The procedure for submission of seeds is very simple.  All
you need to do is send enough healthy seeds for us to propagate
the stocks (30-50 seeds for most lines, more for lines propagated
as heterozygotes).  Along with the seeds, include some basic
information, including your name and contact information, alleles
contained in the line, any specific growth requirements of the
lines, and copies of publications pertaining to the lines.  We
will send a more detailed questionnaire by return mail.

    It should be noted here that you may donate larger quantities
of seeds than outlined above if you wish to assist us in making
your stocks available as rapidly as possible to Arabidopsis
researchers.  In this case, please send as much seed as you can
afford.  Likewise, we are generating pictorial representations of
all visible phenotypes.  Hence, slides, negatives or glossy prints
representing the phenotypes of your mutants would be greatly
appreciated.  Duplicates of slides or negatives make excellent
records, and we can duplicate and return the original to you if

    	We have attempted to contact the senior author of the initial
publications for all potential stocks.  However, in some cases we
did not have addresses of these individuals and thus are
contacting one of the other authors.  If we have inadvertently
contacted the wrong person, please inform us by mail, e-mail,
telephone or fax, and feel free to forward this letter to the
appropriate investigator.

ABRC telephone: 614-292-9371      NASC telephone: +44 0602 791216
ABRC fax: 614-292-0603            NASC fax: +44 0602 513251

    	In organizing this campaign, we have attempted to identify
all published alleles which we do not possess.  The philosophy of
building the stock center collections is that we should seek all
unique alleles of all the published loci.  If you feel that some
alleles of the loci you study are redundant, then it may not be
necessary to include each one.  Feel free to indicate which
alleles are the most desirable for inclusion in the stock center
collections.  Along similar lines, we much prefer to receive lines
which have been backcrossed, when necessary, to remove unrelated
variability from lines which may have been developed through heavy

    	We look forward to receiving your stocks.  Do not hesitate 
to send other lines which you have published and are not part of 
our collections.  We will publish the list of stocks received and 
the donating scientists on the Arabidopsis newsgroup upon completion 
of this campaign.  To ensure being included on this list, be sure 
to send your seeds prior to March 11, 1994.  The ABRC would also be 
pleased to receive Arabidopsis clones carrying genes or identifying 

	Thank you for your assistance to us and to the Arabidopsis
research community in this important endeavor.  The cooperation we
have received from Arabidopsis researchers has been outstanding to
date.  We encourage you to join us in continuing this important


Randy Scholl				Mary Anderson

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