what markers are in/active as N or C terminal fusions?

hraaxl at marc.cri.nz hraaxl at marc.cri.nz
Sun Jan 2 17:09:00 EST 1994

Dear netters,
I've been hunting around for info on reporter/marker genes that are in/active 
with N or C terminal extensions. What I'm after is a system where an easily 
assayable marker/reporter is inactive as a fusion and becomes active if 
clipped free.

I've got one paper claiming that nptII is active with both N and C terminal 
extensions. I've also seen/heard that GUS can take N term extensions though 
know of only one paper claiming that GUS works with a C term extension (Gene 
101:239-246 (1991)).

Can anyone direct me to papers or knows of reporters/markers that are affected 
(or not) by N or C terminal extensions.

Markers that I'm interested in (only becos they are assayable or selectable) 
bar gene for basta resistance
hygromycin resistance gene
chlorsulfuron resistance gene

Along exactly the same lines does anyone know of colour markers for use in 

If anyone could fill in the blanks for me I'd be very grateful. If anyone 
could suggest other suitable marker genes I'd also be very grateful.

Tony Lough
Hort Research, Mt Albert Research Centre,
Auckland, New Zealand

email:          hraaxl at marc.cri.nz

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