dbEST database update

John Morris MorrisJohn at frodo.mgh.harvard.edu
Thu Jan 6 17:08:48 EST 1994

The Arabidopsis dbEST reports on AAtDB Research Companion Gopher have just
been updated.  The new update from NCBI contains 4512 sequence reports,
which more than doubled the size our previous report set.  In addition to
the sequence, reports also include brief descriptions of matches to protein
and nucleotide databases, as well as source information and other data. 
Access to the data is by using a WAIS index to search for key words.  One
of my favorite pairs is 'protein and inhibitor', or you might try "wild
card" characters like 'pyro*' to pull out matches to multiple characters
(don't actually use the ' marks).

To reach the AAtDB gopher server, on many computers with a Gopher client
you can simply type:
        gopher weeds.mgh.harvard.edu

For users of the Macintosh application TurboGopher you can select the "Another
Gopher..."  option under the file menu and enter:

Or if you do not have a Gopher client but have telnet access you can use:
        telnet weeds.mgh.harvard.edu
then enter the username: gopher  
there is no password required.

Once you are connected select option 5. Arabidopisis Information
Follow that with option 9. Arabidopsis cDNA Sequences in dbEST

and start entering words to search for.


John Morris
Curator, AAtDB project
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Massachusetts General Hospital
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