Arabidopsis Seed

Tue Jan 11 17:11:47 EST 1994

Arabidopsis Net_Folk:

   I have a small project that I want to do with Arabidopsis, and have obtained
a sample of the Columbia wild type from the Stock Center.  It is growing,
and perhaps in a month I will have my first batch of seed.  I only have a
few plants growing because (and I can appreciate this) the stock center
only sends a small sample and as I am new, it has taken a while to find the 
best growing conditions.  It looks like I will not have
enough seed until the summer.  There must be a better way!  Is there a reliable
source for seed so that I can buy a few grams at a time?

Dr. Robert D. Simon
Department of Biology
Geneseo, NY   14454
Internet: simon at

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