Gordon Conf. Agenda

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Thu Jan 13 17:51:14 EST 1994

 Attached below is the current (as of 1/13/94) Gordon Conference              

                              July 24-29, 1994
             CHAIR:  Vicki L. Chandler, University of Oregon
                   VICE-CHAIR: Sakis Theologis, USDA-PGEC

Monday a.m.:
  Transcriptional Control I
     SAKIS THEOLOGIS (Discussion Leader)
     ZSUZSANNA SCHWARZ-SOMMER (Max-Planck Institut, Kln):
         MADS-box transcription factors and control of A. majus
         floral development.
     MANUEL SAINZ (Univ. of Oregon): Interaction of B and C1, two
         classes of transcriptional regulators of the maize
         anthocyanin pathway.
     ERICH GROTEWOLD (Cold Spring Harbor Labs): Transcriptional
         regulation by the maize Myb homologs P and C1.
     SAKIS THEOLOGIS (USDA-PGEC), auxin-regulated gene expression

Monday p.m.:
  Transcriptional Control II
     WILLIAM THOMPSON (Discussion Leader)
     WILLIAM THOMPSON (N.C. State): Scaffold attachment sites and
         transcriptional regulation.
     P. MEYER (Max-Planck Institut, Koeln): Inactivation of
         transgenes in Petunia: role of DNA methylation and
         chromatin structure.
     V. Chandler (Univ. of Oregon): Paramutation, an allelic
         interaction that causes heritable changes in

Tuesday a.m.:
  Posttranscriptional Control I
     PAMELA GREEN (Discussion Leader)
     MARY SCHULER (Univ. of Illinois): pre-mRNA splicing in plant 
     PAMELA GREEN (Michigan State): Determinants of mRNA
          instability in plants.
     RICHARD MEAGHER (Univ. of Georgia): in vitro studies of RNA  
     JEAN-DAVID ROCHAIX (Univ. de Geneve): Post-transcriptional
          steps in the expression of chloroplast genes in
          Chlamydomonas reinhardtii.

Tuesday p.m.:
  Posttranscriptional/Translational Control II
     SUSAN WESSLER (Discussion Leader)
     ALICE BARKAN (Univ. of Oregon): Nuclear genes in maize that
          modulate chloroplast RNA processing and translation.
     THOMAS HOHN (Friedrich Miescher Institut, Basel): Leaky
          scanning, shunt and second cistron activation
          controlling translation in plant pararetroviruses.
     SUSAN WESSLER (Univ. of Georgia): Postranscriptional control
          of r in maize and rice.

Wednesday a.m.:
  Post-translational Control
     GLORIA CORUZZI (Discussion Leader)
     GLORIA CORUZZI (New York University): Feedback regulation of
          amino acid biosynthesis.
     RAY ZIELINSKI (Univ. of Ilinois): Post-translational
          regulation of/by calmodulin.
     STEVE SCOFIELD (Univ. of Calif., Davis): Negative dosage
          effect: contol of Ac transposable element activity.
     RICHARD VIERSTRA (Univ. of Wisconsin): Protein degradation
          in plants: role of the ubiquitin pathway.

Wednesday p.m.:
  Protein targeting
     NATASHA RAIKHEL (Discussion Leader)
     NATASHA RAIKHEL (Michigan State): Plant nuclear targeting
     JURGEN DENECKE (Swedish Univ. of Ag. Sci, Uppsala): Protein
          transport in the endomembrane system: soluble versus
          membrane bound proteins.
     KENNETH KEEGSTRA (MSU/DOE Plant Research Lab): Envelope
          membrane components of the chloroplastic protein
          transport apparatus.

Thursday a.m.:
  Signaling, Cell-cell communication
     JOANNE CHORY (Discussion Leader)
     JOANNE CHORY (Salk Institute): Molecular genetic analysis of
          photomorphogenesis in Arabidopsis.
     CAREN CHANG (CalTech): ETR1 and its role in ethylene signal
     BRIAN STASKAWICZ (Univ. of Calif., Berkeley): Signaling in
          plant/pathogen interactions.
     TEH-HUI KAO (Penn State Univ.): The role of Petunia
          S-ribonuclease in self-incompatibility interactions
          between pollen and pistal.

Thursday p.m.:
     JUNE NASRALLAH (Cornell Univ.): Cell-cell signaling in
          pollen-stigma interactions.

Friday a.m.:
  Developmental Regulation
     RY MEEKS-WAGNER (Discussion Leader)
     RY MEEKS-WAGNER (Univ. of Oregon): Regulation of meristem
          development during the vegetative-to-floral transition.
     KEITH ROBERTS [tentative]
     ROBERT SCHMIDT (Univ. of Cal., San Diego): Floral Homeotic
          Genes in Maize.
     STEVEN DELLAPORTA (Yale Univ.): Sex determination:
          regulation by cell death.

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