A.thal genome basic info needed

Anupam Datta anup at u.washington.edu
Fri Jan 14 17:34:28 EST 1994


I  am a graduate student in Bioengg at Univ of Wash. As a part of a 
course on Technologies for Genome Analysis, I needed to get to know ALL I 
can about a particular genome. 
As luck would have had it, I was assigned "Arabidopsis thaliana" about 
which I have no knowledge.
In particular, I need to get to know the genome  size, chromosome no. and 
organization, no. of genes, bp composition, type of repeats.

I would be grateful if some knowledgeable soul on this newsgroup could 
help me out.  Any references are also welcome. Pls. reply to my e-mail 
address below (as this might be very basic info other readers may not be 
interested in)

Thanks in advance,

...Anupam Datta
e-mail address: anup at u.washington.edu

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