Which Agrobacterium strain?

Leonard N. Bloksberg bloksber at pilot.msu.edu
Thu Jan 20 10:46:00 EST 1994

There is some obvious missunderstanding of the biology here, compounded by
sloppy lab notation and nomenclature.  It is VERY important to realize that
an agrobacterium strain used in transformation has at least 3 components
which must be recognized:
.	1.	The A. tumefaciens host genome.
.	2.	The vir region genotype used to facilitate transfer.
.	3.	The T-DNA region used (borders and plasmid).
Each of these has it's own effect on the transformation process.  LBA4404 is
a genotype.  It can be used in conjunction with either a nopaline, octapine,
or manopine vir region, and will have completely different characteristics
in transformation experiments in each case.  EHA101 is also a genotype.  What
genotype was it derived from?  What vir plasmid is it normally used with?
C58 is also a genotype notation.  I have used C58 with no plasmid, and I can
assure you, it does not cause tumors on plants.  Which vir plasmid would you
like to use it with?  Since the literature clearly indicates that there is a
difference, it is important that we are specific in our materials and methods.
	Considering all the time we, as scientists, spend teasing apart the 
precise details of biology, I find it offensive that some of my colleages 
are so blithe to use vague descriptions and nomenclature which mask the work
of all their predecessors into the same jumbled view of the world that we 
started with.
	Please be as specific as possible in all scientific writing.
.	Dr. Leonard N. Bloksberg
.	bloksber at pilot.msu.edu

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