AAtDB at Plant Genome II

John Morris MorrisJohn at frodo.mgh.harvard.edu
Thu Jan 20 13:43:12 EST 1994

AAtDB will be available for examination during the Plant Genome II meeting
next week in San Diego.  It is only one of several databases supported in
part by the National Agricultural Library (NAL), which will be on display. 
If your primary access is through the gopher server, stop by and view the
workstation version with it's graphic displays.  Also be sure to view the
World Wide Web database resource provided by NAL which provides integrated
access to the plant databases.  If you have questions about using the
database or making contributions, please look for me in the computer
demonstration area.

See you there,


John Morris
Curator, AAtDB project
Dept of Molecular Biology
Massachusetts General Hospital
Boston MA 02114

email morrisjohn at frodo.mgh.harvard.edu
fax   617-726-6893
voice 617-726-5935

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