Non-toxic Nucleic-acid stain

Mark Wilkinson markw at
Fri Jan 21 22:08:52 EST 1994

Dear Arabidopsis Community, 

	I am involved in the initial setting-up of a biotechnology course
for students at the high-school level.  We are hoping to include molecular
biology experiments in which it will be necessary to run gels.  It's not
that I don't TRUST high school students with Ethidium Bromide... but....

I think you might understand my concern.  I am wondering if anyone knows
of a stain which is less toxic (and better yet, could be visualized without
UV light!) which could be used in place of EtBr for visualizing DNA in
agarose gels.

Please direct your replies to my personal E-mail address, or to Peter
Wilkinson via the newsgroup.

thank you for your time, 


Mark Wilkinson
Dept of Botany
Vancouver, BC

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