replies to non-toxic DNA stain

Mark Wilkinson markw at
Mon Jan 24 18:42:34 EST 1994

I have been OVERWHELMED with responses to my request for non-toxic
staining protocols.  most fell into two catagories:  staining in Methyline
blue (.02 - .002% seemed the favored range) was quite popular, with some
respondants quoting higher cloning sucess with this stain versus EtBr (!).
 Other replies directed me to the Feb. 93 issue of TIG.

I'm not comfortable enough with this editor to attempt to append any of
the replies verbatim, but thank you to all who responded!

If anyone wishes a more complete list (including some companies who sell
kits) please E-mail me directly and I will forward the appropriate
messages to you.


Mark Wilkinson
Dept of Botany

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