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Sun Jan 30 16:51:51 EST 1994

          I am looking for a postdoc to join my lab to work on the
relationship between cellulose synthesis and morphogenesis. Experience with
either polarized light or electron microscopy, or with spatial measurements
of growth is desirable. I encourage persons of all sexes, sexual
orientations, colors, nationalities, cultures, sizes, shapes and
physicalities to apply. Please send me your cv, names and contact #'s (or
email handles) of several references, and if available, a statement of your
"world view". If you have further q's, please ask. A brief description of
the project, as funded, follows.

        What is the role of cellulose deposition in controlling the degree
of growth anisotropy? Although it is well known that highly anisotropic
growth can be rendered isotropic by the randomization of the direction of
deposition of cellulose microfibrils, it is not known whether the degree of
growth anisotropy is also governed by the alignment of cellulose
microfibrils. The major approach taken in this project is to measure growth
anisotropy at a cellular scale and then quantify the alignment of cellulose
microfibrils. Cells growing at various degrees of growth anisotropy will be
obtained both by taking advantage of natural variations and through use of
low concentrations of microtubule inhibitors. Cellulose alignment will be
quantified throughout the whole wall with polarized light microscopy and at
the innermost layer in metal-carbon replicas viewed in em. Experimental
material will be roots of Arabidopsis and elongating tissue culture cells.
There is support to work with Prof Andrew Staehelin at Boulder to use
rapid-freezing deep etch techniques to make replicas without previous
fixation. The project will also focus on several root morphology mutants in
arabidopsis. These appear to have tissue-specific defects in cellulose
deposition, and the relation between their processing of cellulose and
their aberrant morphology will be studied. 

        Thanks for your interest,

        Tobias Baskin

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