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Roger Innes rinnes at
Mon Jan 31 15:54:31 EST 1994

Dear colleagues:

Please bring this ad to the attention of qualified individuals.  
Interested people can can contact me by phone, fax or e-mail.

A post-doctoral position is currently available in my laboratory to study 
molecular aspects of plant-pathogen interactions in Arabidopsis and 
soybean.  This position is funded for two years, with possibility of 

We are investigating the molecular mechanism underlying plant disease 
resistance (R) gene specificity (i.e. how do R-gene products distinguish 
between different pathogen ellicitors?).  We have identified a disease 
resistance gene, RPS3,  in Arabidopsis that appears to be a homolog of the 
RPG1 disease resistance gene in soybean (Innes et al.  (1993) Plant J.  
4:813-820).  Both RPS3 and RPG1 confer resistance to strains of 
Pseudomonas syringae that carry the avrB avirulence gene.  The Arabidopsis 
gene,  RPS3, is of particular interest because it interacts with a second 
avirulence gene, avrRpm1, and thus has a dual specificity.  Soybean, in 
contrast, appears to have split these two specificities into two different 
alleles of RPG1, one specific for avrB, and the other specific for 
avrRpm1.  We now wish to isolate these two alleles of RPG1 and then 
compare and contrast them to RPS3.  The successful applicant will be 
expected to contribute to this analysis, but also will  have freedom to 
pursue other areas of molecular plant-pathogen interactions according to 
her or his interests.

Experience in molecular biology is essential, and experience with protein 
biochemistry is desirable.  Interested individuals should submit a CV and 
the names and addresses of 3 references, by either electronic or standard 
mail.  Indiana University is an Equal Opportunity/Affirmative Action 

Roger Innes
Department of Biology
Indiana University
Bloomington, IN 47405-6801

rinnes at
TEL:  812-855-2219
FAX:  812-855-6705

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