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Plant Mol Gen Postdoc Wanted

Amy Marion amarion at moose.uvm.edu
Wed Jul 13 13:13:29 EST 1994

I am searching for a postdoctoral position studying plant molecular genetics.
I am currently a Ph.D. candidate in the Botany Department at the University
of Vermont. I will complete my dissertation by September 1, 1994.

My C.V. is listed below. If you have a position open or know of one available
please contact me at the address given below or at  amarion at moose.uvm.edu.
Thank you.

                               Amy Louise Marion

Department of Botany                         Born March 11, 1964 
Marsh Life Science Building                  Syracuse, New York  
University of Vermont
Burlington, VT 05405
Phone:  Lab  (802)656-0432
        Home (802)527-8182


     1988 - present     Ph.D. candidate in Botany specializing    
                        in molecular genetics, University of
                        Vermont; 3.8 GPA.               

     1986 - 1988        M.A. student in Biology, State University
                        of New York College at Geneseo; 3.5 GPA.

     1982 - 1986        B.S. in Biology, Marywood College,
                        Scranton, PA; 3.5 GPA, cum laude.


     I have been conducting research in molecular genetics for
the past eight years.  During this time I have accumulated a wide
range of skills including pulsed-field gel electrophoresis, DNA
extraction techniques (for E.coli, yeast, and filamentous fungi),
restriction mapping and subcloning of genes, generation of
genomic libraries, fungal transformation procedures, Southern
analysis, DNA sequencing, and PCR methodology.

Ph.D. thesis research, UVM, Professor Robert Ullrich.

  a. I made a cosmid vector which allowed me to construct a
     Schizophyllum commune genomic library suitable for use in    
     a chromosome walk to identify the A  mating type locus.

  b. I attempted to isolate the A  mating type locus by 
     analyzing an ordered genomic library. Analysis included
     transformation of S. commune with cosmids extracted from
     library subsets and analysis of the transformants for 
     mating type activity. Putative A  clones were analyzed by
     restriction enzyme analysis and used in Southern hybrid-
     izations to identify A  clones from other libraries.

  c. I used 14bp and 16bp oligonucleotides as degenerate probes   
     in Southern hybridizations and colony hybridizations in an 
     attempt to isolate the A  locus. The degenerate probes
     were based upon the sequence of the A mating type locus.

  d. I studied the structure and function of the AX gene,        
     a putative mating type regulated gene of the Basidiomycete   
     Schizophyllum commune. I subcloned and sequenced the         
     AX1 allele and completed structural comparisons and peptide 
     database searches for the AX1, AX3, and AX4 alleles. I am 
     completing a functional analysis of the AX locus via        
     transformations and gene replacements.

M.A. thesis research, SUNY Geneseo, Dr.A.H.Latorella 

     The goal of the lab was to study the genetic basis of salt   
     tolerance in the halotolerant green alga Dunaliella          
     tertiolecta. I brought the technology of pulsed field gel 
     electrophoresis into the lab for the purpose of separation   
     of Saccharomyces cerevisiae and D. tertiolecta chromosomes.


     Bartholomew,K., Marion,A., Novotny,C., Ullrich,R. "A case
     study in genetics of development: Schizophyllum commune" In
     Fungal Genetics - Principles and Practice, C.J. Bos,ed.;
     Marcel Dekker Inc., in preparation.

     Marion,A., Bartholomew,K., Wu,J., Novotny,C., Ullrich,R.
     "Isolation, sequence, and functional analysis of the AX     
     gene of Schizophyllum commune", in preparation.

     Marion,A., Ullrich,R. "Targeted gene replacement in
     Schizophyllum commune", in preparation.


     Marion,A. 1993. Analysis of AX gene action in 
     Schizophyllum commune. Graduate Research Day, University
     of Vermont

     Marion,A., Kothe,E., Kothe,H., Novotny,C.P., Ullrich,R.
     1990. Isolation of the A  mating type locus from             
      Schizophyllum commune. Mycological Society of America,
     Madison, Wisconsin.

     Marion,A. 1990; Isolation of the A  gene from 
     Schizophyllum commune. Graduate Research Day, University
     of Vermont.


     1988 - present     Teaching Fellowship, Department of Botany
                        University of Vermont

     1986 - 1988        Teaching Assistantship, Biology Depart-
                        ment, SUNY Geneseo

     I have been privledged to a wide variety of teaching         
     experiences as a graduate student including teaching
     weekly lab sessions, coordinating 12 lab sections for a
     Human Biology course (including supervising the teaching
     fellows), and invited lecturer for Human Biology and 
     Introductory Genetics courses. The courses I have 
     participated in include:
     Human Biology (3 sem)            General Botany (2 sem)
     General Zoology                  Plant Physiology 
     Introductory Biology (2 sem)     Plant Pathology (2 sem)
     Introductory Genetics (2 sem)


     Medal for Excellence in Biological Sciences, Marywood
     College, May 1986

     Delta Epsilon Sigma Essay Contest, Marywood College, first   
     place in research category, April 1986, title "Recombinant   


     Dr. Robert Ullrich                     Dr. Lee Hanson
     Department of Botany                   c/o SABA University   
     Marsh Life Science Room 326            P.O. Box 1000         
     University of Vermont                  Saba via Sint Maarten
     Burlington, Vermont 05405              Netherland Antilles   
     phone 802-656-0432                     The Caribbean
     FAX # 802-656-0440                     phone 011 599 46 3457
                                            FAX # 011 599 46 3458 
     Dr. Charles Novotny
     Microbiology and Molecular Genetics
     Stafford Building
     University of Vermont
     Burlington, Vermont 05405
     phone  802-656-1119

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