daylength for transformants

Paul Talbert talbert at U.WASHINGTON.EDU
Wed Mar 9 15:59:34 EST 1994

Dear Weed-netters:

	Thanks to all who replied to my query about light regimes for 
tranformations. Rick Amasino, Yi-Fang Tsay, Anna Astromoff, George 
Karlin-Neumann and Mary Honma all reported success with continuous light. 
Mary Honma reported comparable results with either continuous light or 16 
hr days, but stressed the desirability of keeping the temperature at 22C. 
In addition, a co-worker drew my attention to the report of Chaudhury and 
Signer (Plant Cell Reports 8: 368-369) showing better regeneration under 
low light (20 microE/sec/m2) for cotyledons.

Paul Talbert

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