Sequence information for T-DNA tag?

Todd Richmond todd at GENETICS.WISC.EDU
Wed Mar 16 18:30:19 EST 1994

I hope this isn't a repost.  Someone gave me the wrong
address for email posting initially.  They both might
get here.  Sorry if this is the second time you've
seen this.

T-tag specialists,

I'm working with a T-DNA tagged mutant (one of the
Feldmann lines).  I have a map of the tag and some
of the sequences that someone assembled (I won't
mention their name since I got the map and sequences
second hand).  There are gaps in the sequence of the
tag; the one specifically that I'm interested in
is in the left border.  The sequence I have has
1.5 kb of N's to the left of the HindIII site located
approximately 3.0 kb in from the left end.
I suspect that one of my subcloned fragments lies in
this area-but I can't confirm it since I don't
have the sequence to the left of the H3 site mentioned
above.  Is there a complete sequence of the Feldmann
tag out there that I don't know about?  Or has anyone
sequenced that portion of the left border?

Thanks for the help

Todd Richmond

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