no more NSF plant postdocs

Sally Assmann SMA3 at PSUVM.PSU.EDU
Mon Mar 21 09:30:58 EST 1994

I recently returned from a visit to NSF, where I learned that the NSF
plant post doc program is being terminated after this year's awards.
There will be a new postdoc program in "Environmental Biology" that will
subsume the plant post doc, plus the ecology post doc program plus
(probably) some other post doc programs. My undestanding from talking
with Machi Dilworth and others is that it is essential that the plant
biology community "speak out" if we are to be significantly represented
in this new program. If you feel that the NSF plant postdoc program was
important and useful, please take a minute to voice support for an ongoing
"plant biology" component in the new program. E-mail or snail mail can
be sent to Machi Dilworth or to Carter Kimsey (Carter Kimsey will be the
program officer for the new program). Things to comment on:
1. How should environmental biology be defined? (clearly, plant biologists
would favor a definition that would encompass as much of plant biology
as possible, but there are also other questions, e.g. will "applied
fields such as, e.g., air quality control, be included?).
2. How is NSF ensuring that their committment to plant biology will be
retained in the new program?
3. If there is anything you didn't like about the NSF plant postdocs
(e.g. the requirement to change fields, the foreign component, the
eligibility criteria, etc., etc.), now's the time to make suggestions
for changes that could be incorporated into the new program.
 Please write and express your concerns!!
 Sally Assmann

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