no more NSF plant postdocs

Andrew Binns abinns at MAIL.SAS.UPENN.EDU
Tue Mar 22 17:18:52 EST 1994

>          intention of ending it.
>>          3) We would like to hear suggestions for the new program. I
>>          will say that I will insist on the foreign component. We
>>          expect the few people we support in the program to become
>>          tomorrow's world class leaders. In today's world and
>>          surely tomorrow's that means being part of the global
>>          scientific community. Having even a brief experience in a
>>          foreign research setting is essential.
>>                                      Mary E. Clutter
>I agree that a experience in a foreign research setting is essential.  But
>is it essential that it take place during a postdoctoral fellowship? How
>many of the YPI (or whatever they are now called) recipients over the past
>5 years have had a foreign postdoctorate?
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>          I am interested in the reasons for opposition to
>          international research experience.
>          MEC

I think foreign research experience is great.  But.  One negative aspect of
making this such an important part of a postdoctoral program is the
difficulty many postdoc candidates have fitting in a meaningful foreign
research experience together with personal obligations to their families. 
I am more inclined to think that a better time to develop foreign research
experience is as a graduate student, simply because it is less likely that
family obligations will be so important.  

Andy Binns
Plant Science Institute
University of Pennsylvania

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