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Tue Mar 22 11:10:58 EST 1994

Fellow Arabidopsis people: I am forwarding a post from the Women in Biology
network. I know not whether it is acceptable material for this network, but
here it is:

 Apple Computer is under a well organized phone-fax-mail attack by the
 Religious Right, demanding that Apple Computer drop its pro-human rights
 policy of non-discrimination against lesbian and gay employees. Basically,
 far right groups including religous fundamentalists are pressuring the company
to "see the light" and discriminate.  Right now there are about
500 callers in opposition to every 1 in support of current policies.

    Let's change this.

      send e-mail to:  murphy.s at
 and say that you support the company's non-discrimination policy, which
includes sexual orientation and benefits for partners of lesbian and gay
employees. Thanks, and PLEASE forward this to anyone you know who might be

    I don't know if this kind of thing is kosher for the list, but I hope
    so, and I hope many of us will respond.

    Lynda King

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Ditto Lynda King's sign-off.

Ricardo Azpiroz
Plant Sciences
U. Arizona

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