pseudo-complaints about NSF fellowships

Wed Mar 23 12:07:46 EST 1994

It was interesting to read the negative comments one ex-post-doc had
about the NSF plant post-doc fellowships.  People should note, however, that
this person's complaints do not reflect shortcomings of the NSF Plant Post-doc
fellowship program.  This ex-fellow  should take some responsibility for their
decision to accept the fellowship.  
	First of all, the ex-fellow complained of the lack of benefits.  
Actually, the discretionary allowance provided by the fellowship is more than
enough to pay for private individual health insurance (htose university group
plans cost more!).  Also, this person knew about the lack-of-benefits before
they accepted the fellowship.  Why complain?
	The ex-fellow also complained about the lack of funding in the
lab in which he/she chose to carry out their post-doctoral research.  
This really has nothing to do with the NSF Plant Biology fellowships program.
It is naive (perhaps foolish) not to find out about the funding situation
when joining a laboratory.
	The point:  NSF Post-doctoral Fellowships in Plant Biology are a
good thing.
					- Dan Vernon

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