Postdoc position

Anne Britt abbritt at UCDAVIS.EDU
Thu Mar 24 18:51:20 EST 1994


        We are interested in the mechanisms of DNA repair and mutagenesis
in higher plants, and have initiated a research program focused entirely on
DNA repair in Arabidopsis.  Although repair mechanisms in microbes and
mammals have been well characterized, surprising little is known about
these processes in plants.  We have initiated research into the classical
and molecular genetics of repair (Britt et al, Science (1993) v. 261
p.1571, and Santerre and Britt, PNAS (1994) in press).  This research is
funded by grants from the NSF and the USDA.  A position is available for a
postdoc interested in repair of UV-induced damage.
        The University of California at Davis is particularly strong in the
plant-related sciences, having over 100 faculty members who work in this
area.  The town of Davis is small and friendly, rurally located, but still
close enough to both the Bay Area and Lake Tahoe to make things
interesting.  The close proximity of many Universities, National Labs, and
Biotech companies make this a particularly good area for couples looking
for postdocs.
        Applicants should send their c.v.'s and letters of recommendation to:

Dr. Anne Britt
Section of Plant Biology
U. C. Davis
Davis, CA 95616

        Enquiries over the email are also welcome.

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