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Subject: plant DNA

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Subject: plant DNA
Cc: fen

Dear Sir,
I would like to work on understanding of classification of Allium species and
subspecies.  My objective is to develop DNA restriction site analysis to be
used for several independent problems in systematic of plants.

In order to do this project, plant's DNA will be isolated and cet by a variety
of restriction endonucleases.  After gel electrophoresis, DNA fragments will be
compared and established differencies or similarity of them.
This pattern will allowed clarification of several taxonomic problems with

I don't know enough about genomic differences between species's DNA restriction
pattern.  So , If you know about this problem or Who might know, could you
please send me some information or paper.

May I thank you in advance.
Best Regards.
Dr. Leyla ACIK
Gazi University
Fen Fakulty (Science and Arts Faculty)
Dept. of Biology
06 500

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