arabidopsis seeds

Fri May 20 12:25:48 EST 1994

Dear netters

Please excuse this extremely lo-tech question.  What is the best way
to evenly disperse seeds on an agar plate for kanamycin selection?  I
sterilise the seed in 10% bleach with a drop of detergent followed by
several water washes.  This works fine - I don't get bugs on my
plates.  However the seeds do aggregate when placed on the plate
which is a bit of a pain.  I wondered about suspending the seeds
in a .1% agar solution but this is a bit inconvenient.  If anyone has
a wonderful idea then I would be very grateful to hear it.  I am
slightly wary of using dry seed sterilised by microwaves after
previous debates on this matter.

Thank you in advance

Steve Rolfe

s.rolfe at

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