Macintosh version of AAtDB

John Morris john.morris at FRODO.MGH.HARVARD.EDU
Wed Apr 5 07:37:26 EST 1995

A MacACE executable file with the AAtDB 3-5 data is now available for
downloading from MacACE is a Macintosh program
developed by Frank Eeckman, Cyrus Harmon and Richard Durbin which closely
follows the ACEDB database program for the UNIX operating systems.
Actually, there are two self-extracting-archive files to choose from.
AAtDB3-5.sea.bin contains all the text data and expands to about 132 Mb on
disk.  The AAtDB_3-5_demo.sea.bin file is a smaller version without the EST
data and associated homologies.  The demo file expands to about 52 Mb on
disk.  The program looks for 22 Mb of RAM, which means for most of us that
virtual memory will have to be enabled on our Mac's (look under memory when
you pop open the control panels).  Both versions contain a limited number
of images.  Quality is quite good if your system supports 24 bit color,
though it is not the best on systems such as my Quadra 700.

In order to down load the file connect via ftp to  then;

login name; anonymous
cd aatdb/MacAAtDB        (go to the proper directory, remember to capitalize)
bin                          (sets binary mode for file transfer)
get AAtDB_3-5_demo.sea.bin   (or the larger AAtDB3-5,sea.bin)

If you are using NCSA telnet or a similar telnet package, be sure that
MacBinary is enabled.

John Morris
AAtDB Project

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