GUS vectors for GUS 3' fusion

Patrick Gallois gallois at
Fri Apr 7 05:17:12 EST 1995

>Dear Net,
>I would like to fuse a gene to GUS and use the fusion in a transient
>expression assay in plant cells.  I would prefer to make the fusion such that
>GUS is at the 5' end and my gene is located downstream of GUS.  The only
>vectors I am familiar with are the pIBI series and all of those have the
>insertion site upstream from GUS.  If someone has and is willing to share or
>knows of such a vector (i.e. GUS with a clonig site downstream of GUS), please
>let me know.
>Joel A. Kreps
>Anne Simon's lab
>UMass. Amherst, MA

There is such a vector with a BglII site for in frame fusion 3' of GUS. It
can be obtained from Dr.James Carrington,  College station, Texas.
see Restrepo MA, Freed DD and Carrington JC (1990) Plant Cell 2, 987-998.
and Carrington at al. (1991) Plant cell 3, 953-962.

Good luck


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