CTR1 caps, chromosome 5

Shawn C. Baker scbaker at ucdavis.edu
Fri Apr 28 00:30:32 EST 1995

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lgodiard at TOULOUSE.INRA.FR (Laurence Godiard) writes:

> Hi netters !
> I would like to have some details about CTR1 Caps marker localize on top of
> chromosome 5. I tried to amplify from La-er and Col-0 DNA, and I got a 3.4
> kb faint product only with La-er (annealing temperature at 56 C), and with
> Col-0 a 0.8 kb product (should be a 3.4 kb fragment) that has a Bcl-1 site,
> enzyme recommended to give a polymorphism with CTR1 in the new Caps list.
> If anybody worked with this Caps marker, I would be glad to share his
> knowledge about.
> Thanks !
> Laurence Godiard.

Hmm...  It seems like if these two phenotypes (3.4 vs. 0.8 kb bands)
are consistent, you have something better than a CAP - no digestion

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