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Mike Cherry cherry at fafner.Stanford.EDU
Thu Aug 3 12:33:45 EST 1995

In article <199508031600.JAA20863 at net.bio.net>,
John Morris (john.morris at frodo.mgh.harvard.edu) wrote:
> There is clearly a need for a database service, as evidenced by discussions
> on this news group and the over 1000 daily "transactions" that take place
> on our gopher server.  Unfortunately, in these times of tight budgeting,
> neither USDA nor NSF appear interested in providing funds for an
> Arabidopsis database on a continuing basis.  We are thankful, however, for
> the support that the NAL and USDA has provided to us over the past several
> years and which has allowed us to establish AAtDB and hopefully thereby
> serve at least some of the database needs of the Arabidopsis community.
> The hope for the future is that Mike Cherry at the Stanford Genome Center,
> as PI of a NSF grant to develop new database software, will have limited
> funding for data curation for the Arabidopsis database, and as we
> understand it, will be able to begin providing curator activities in the
> fall.  In the near term we intend to keep our database server running so
> that gopher and web files will be accessible, but questions on the database
> will generally not be able to be answered.  We encourage you to pass your
> data on to the community using this news group and to set up web servers
> for your laboratories.  We hope to have a Goodman lab server in the future.

I wish to thank Howard Goodman for his vision and support of the AAtDB
project these past four years, and John Morris for a fantastic job of
curating the database the past two years.  AAtDB is not going away,
rather the database will be moving west to the Department of Genetics
at Stanford University.  I have not yet received official word from
NSF, but I am anticipating funding of an Arabidopsis Database Project
at Stanford to start next month.  This project will be a two year
project focusing on development of a new database environment.
However, I will be able to provide some data curation and there will
be a slight expansion of the Internet services, focusing on the World
Wide Web.  I hope to have the Arabidopsis WWW and Gopher resources
ready at Stanford within the next two months, of course this depends
on when (and if) the funding starts.  Announcements of changes to
AAtDB's location and services will be posted to this group.


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