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  OFFICE MEMO          apology                                Date:8/4/95

Dear Colleagues,
I've learned my lesson, and my faith in human nature has been taken down
another notch.
The business card request for Craig (Greg) Sherford (Suregold, Sherwood,
Shurpoled, or whatever) is either a late bloomer or a belated hoax.
As I understand it:
The Good News -  a young man, with one of these names and an operable brain
tumor (I'm going in for a quick check myself!), did make such a request in
~1989.  He did make it into the Guiness Book of World Records in May of1990 (I
don't keep up with this publication, but I'm going to check it out in my son's
copy when I get home!) and underwent SUCESSFUL brain surgery in March of 1991
-- he is expected to live a rich and happy life.
The Bad News - the Children's "Make -a-Wish" foundation receives so many calls
regarding the aforementioned request (which THEY DID NOT originate;
apparently, even in its original form) that they have set up a toll-free
hot-line (1-800-215-1333, ext. 184) to handle the calls and explain the


Again, I apologize for the inconvenience my posting has caused.

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