AAtDB farewell

Doug Bigwood dbigwood
Fri Aug 4 11:06:18 EST 1995

First, I want to thank John for his excellent work on AAtDB.  We
have had a fruitful collaboration with John, his predecessor (Sam
Cartinhour), and, of course, Howard Goodman and Mike Cherry who
started the project.

Second, we will continue to have AAtDB available on our WWW and gopher
servers (http://probe.nalusda.gov and gopher://probe.nalusda.gov).
We will attempt to answer questions about the database (e-mail to
help at probe.nalusda.gov), but this will be generally be limited to 
technical aspects as we do not curate the data.

Third, we have already set the groundwork for a collaboration with
Mike Cherry's Arabidopsis database effort which, as Mike stated, should
begin in the near future.  We hope that this will provide continuity
in furnishing the Arabidopsis community with genome information.

Thanks again, John.


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