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Fri Aug 4 09:20:38 EST 1995

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  OFFICE MEMO          non-Arabidopsis request                Date:8/4/95

Dear Colleagues,
This may be inappropriate for the "net" (please let me know if you believe
so), but I thought I would pass along this seemingly harmless request.

 I know this is a strange request but, it's for a great cause,and i need 
your help and please ask anybody you know to please help. 
The Children's Make-A-Wish Foundation is working to make the wish of 
"Craig Sherford" come true.
   Craig is seven years old and is suffering from terminal cancer. It is 
his wish to be in the  "Guiness Book of World Records" for the most 
business cards collected by one person. Craig would be most greatful if you 
could send one of your business cards to the following address:

           Master Craig Sherford
           Children's Make-A-Wish Foundation
           82 Perimeter Center East
           Atlanta,Georgia   30345

  Please forward the email to anyone you can, thanks for helping!
  Please remember that time is extremely important.
                                           Thanks,  Ricky Roach

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