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The USDA National Research Initiative Competitive Grants Program (NRICGP) 
is considering reductions in various areas including plant genome funding 
if Congress approves pending cuts approved in the House of 
Representatives.  Some are predicting that the Senate will have even 
less funds to work with for agricultural research.   If you would like to 
contact your U.S.
Senate offices to support adequate funding for the NRICGP, please read 
the following forwarded message sent from the American 
Society of Plant Physiologists.

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Subject: NRI appropriations alert

The National Research Initiative Competitive Grants Program (NRICGP) 
faces potential cuts in appropriations for FY 96.  Your help is needed to 
urge your members of Congress to support vital basic research 
funded by the NRICGP.  The House of Representatives passed legislation 
recently which reduces funding for the NRICGP to $98,165,000 for Fiscal Year 
1996 compared to $103,115,000 million in the FY 95 appropriation.  The 
decrease in funding relates primarily to losses of funding in three NRI 
programs -- Water Quality, Integrated Pest Management, and Pesticide 
Impact Assessment.  Funds supporting research on plant response to the 
environment and some other areas of plant research would be among those 
reduced by this legislation.  

The Senate Appropriations Agriculture Subcommittee and the full 
Appropriations Committee are expected to 
consider this legislation next month after the August recess.  The recess 
is expected to begin at the end of this week for the Senate.  Now is an 
excellent time 
to contact your two U.S. Senators to explain the importance of supporting 
the NRICGP.  Your Senators can be contacted by writing them at: The 
Honorable (name of Senator), U.S. Senate, Washington, D.C., 20510.  Senate 
offices can be reached by phone by calling the Capitol switchboard 
operator at (202) 224-3121.  Ask the operator for your Senator's office 
and when you get the Senator's office, ask for the staff person who 
handles appropriations for agricultural research.  If you would like to 
schedule a meeting in the local Senate office during the August recess, 
ask to speak to the Senator's scheduler.  Following is a sample letter 
supporting the NRICGP:

Dear Senator (name of Senator):

Vital basic research supported by the USDA's National Research Initiative 
Competitive Grants Program (NRICGP) would be reduced nearly 5 percent by 
appropriations legislation (H.R. 1976) which recently passed the House.  
This is expected to have the effect of closing down 5 percent of the 
competitively awarded research that is conducted in (name of your 
state).    Last year, the NRICGP provided (consult information 
below for dollars awarded in your state) for cutting edge research in our 
state.  (If you have received NRI support, please explain
the importance of your research and report on the number of people who 
receive valuable training from this research.)

We understand that discretionary funds in the FY96 
agriculture appropriations 
bill are down one percent to help balance the budget.  However, cutting 
leading research conducted in our state at five times that rate can be 
expected to reduce growth in our nation's dynamic agricultural 
sector.  With adequate  support of agricultural research, our nation could 
look toward expansion of this year's expected $20 billion agricultural 
trade surplus in future years.  Instead, reductions for research of this  
magnitude create the risk of lost advances in trade in markets 
throughout the world and resulting lost job creation.

Please support leading agricultural research in our state and the nation by 
providing an urgently needed increase in funding for the NRICGP.  


Following are NRICGP funds awarded by state in Fiscal Year 1994:  AK 
$312,500; AL $945,237; AR $481,299; AZ $1,230,857; CA $10,800,024; CO 
$1,674,364; CT $1,220,729; DC $57,000; DE $368,406; FL $2,324,203; GA 
$1,548,991; HI $313,807; IA $2,213,639; ID $497,711; IL $3,488,257; IN 
$3,220,818; KS $1,243,260; KY $1,296,020; LA $1,071,207; MA $2,948,729; 
MD $1,545,785; ME $461,483; MI $3,729,880; MN $1,995,080; MN $1,995,080; 
MO $3,029,585; MS $649,468; MT $1,104,120; NC $4,429,102; ND $978,725; NE 
$1,705,987; NH $633,018; NJ $1,403,237; NM $543,575; NV $236,647; NY 
$6,260,278; OH $1,868,412; OK $1,082,695; OR $2,358,000; PA $2,569,062; 
PR $130,000; RI $705,466; SC $876,862; SD $437,230; TN $1,412,666; TX 
$4,918,076; UT $536,000; VA $1,512,497; VT $121,070; WA $5,569,353;  WI 
$5,324,217; WV $197,001; WY $595,993.

Members of the Senate Appropriations Committee follow.  
Those members of the Appropriations Committee who are also on the 
Appropriations Subcommittee on Agriculture are noted with an asterisk.

Hatfield R-OR, Chairman; Stevens R-AK; Cochran* R-MS; Specter* R-PA; 
Domenici R-NM; Gramm R-TX; Bond* R-MO; Gorton* R-WA; McConnell* R-KY; 
Mack R-FL; Burns* R-MT; Shelby R-AL; Jeffords R-VT; Gregg R-NH; Bennett 
R-UT; Byrd D-WV; Inouye D-HI; Hollings D-SC; Johnston* D-LA; Leahy D-VT; 
Bumpers* D-AR; Lautenberg D-NJ; Harkin* D-IA; Mikulski D-MD; Reid D-NV; 
Kerrey* D-NE; Kohl* D-WI; Murray D-WA.

If you have any questions, please contact Brian Hyps, ASPP Public Affairs 
Director at bhyps at or by phone at 301-251-0560.

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