Ws-Ler PCR markers on chromosome 4

ARABIDOPSIS arabidopsis.arabidopsis at
Tue Aug 15 04:42:34 EST 1995

I am mapping a flowering time gene on chromosome 4 and I am 
interested in PCR markers mapping (approximately) between
PG11 and nga8 (these are mapped on the RI lines). Known
Ler-Ws markers would be very useful, but Ler/Col markers
would be fine too.  Also I have been having trouble finding 
the Ler/Ws polymorphism with PG11 (CAPS marker), has anyone 
used this marker for mapping in Ws/Ler crosses?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.  I have some Ws/Ler
polymorphism information on other markers in this region
if anyone is interested.

Thanks for any help,

Allison Wilson
John Innes Centre
Colney Lane, Norwich  NR4 7UH, UK.
E-mail: wilsonak at
fax: 44 1603 505725

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