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K M Elborough K.M.Elborough at
Tue Aug 15 05:11:22 EST 1995


Two positions are available for a joint research programme between=20
University of Durham (Prof Toni Slabas & Dr Kieran Elborough) and=20
Scottish Crops Research Institute (SCRI), Invergowrie, Dundee (Prof Bill=20
Christie).  The project is to elucidate the pathway of complex lipid=20
biosynthesis and clone the pertinent genes from Arabidopsis.  We are=20
seeking (a) a post-doctoral molecular biologist at Durham, and (b) a=20
graduate research analytical chemist at SCRI.  The joint programme will=20
involve mutant selection as used to elucidate the lipid biosynthesis=20
pathway in Arabidopsis (Sommerville et al. Science 252:80-87, 1991).
Informal enquiries can be made to Prof Slabas (0191 374 3352), Prof=20
Christie (01382 562731) or Dr Elborough (0191 374 7059).
Starting salaries: =09Post-doctoral position up to =A315, 566
=09 =09=09Graduate researcher up to =A313, 296

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