Sterilizing Arabidopsis seeds & plating on kanamycin

Jeremy jeremy.coles at
Wed Aug 16 11:10:50 EST 1995

Jeremy <jeremy.coles at> wrote:
> I have seeds from hundreds of Arabidopsis plants, each plants seeds have to be sterilized and plated seperatly onto kanamycin.
> Is there anyone who could help me with a quick and easy method to sterilize these seeds, also does anyone know how long it would
> take fungus to over run the plates if the seeds were not sterilized, the other option is if someone knows of a fungicide i could
> put into the medium and at what concentration, the last point is would microwave sterilization be of any use to me.
> Thanks for any help,
> Jeremy Coles (IACR-LARS)

There may have been a mistake that someone else got their e-mail address onto my post.
Jeremy's E-mail address is:

	jeremy.coles at


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