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Ross Albert Rupert rupert at WAM.UMD.EDU
Wed Aug 23 14:23:43 EST 1995

Postdoctoral Position in Plant Molecular Biology

A Postdoctoral Position is available immediately to join an ongoing research 
project into the development of oral vaccines in plants. We are using both 
transgenic plants and the plant endophtye Clavibacter xyli cynodontis as
vectors to produce and deliver animal virus antigens to the mucosal immune
system of the gut. Prior experience in plant transformation, protein
expression in transgenic  plants, and/or plant biochemistry is desired.
Knowledge and experience in  virology and/or immunology would be an asset. To
apply send curriculum vitae   and the names, addresses and phone numbers of
three references to Dr. Frank  Michaels, Biotechnology Foundation
Laboratories, Thomas Jefferson University, Rm 462, JAH, Philadelphia, PA
19107. FAX: 215-923-6786.

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