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In Article <9508221819.AA29926 at umailsrv1.UMD.EDU> "Paul_J_BOTTINO at UMAIL.UMD.EDU (pb23)" says:
> We are having unusual difficulty getting transgenic tomato shoots to root.
> Can anyone make a suggestion?  Thanks.
> Paul Bottino
Have you tried dipping the cut end in 1.0mg/ml IBA?  That worked well for me.
Also, some tomatoes don't like to root in Kan, even if transgenic.  You may 
want to root without Kan, and then take small cuttings back onto Kan to 
check, or use some other final test for transformation.  In addition, I 
found much better % rooting in 25x200mm tubes with caputs (no parafilm) than
in Magenta boxes.  Remember that the ethylene concentration affects response
of plants to auxins (very important to rooting) and gas exchange of the 
culture vessel affects ambient ethylene concentration.  Good luck.  
Leonard N. Bloksberg
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