3850:1003 T-DNA

Ricardo Azpiroz azpiroz at AG.ARIZONA.EDU
Fri Aug 25 11:49:28 EST 1995

Left and Right border clones are available through the stock center at 
OSU. For LB, try pBS H10; for RB, pBS H23. Don't know the stock Nos, but 
they're there; they were constructed by Patricia Zambryski, as HindIII 
fragments. Good luck.


On 24 Aug 1995, MELISSA SPIELMAN wrote:

> Does anyone know where I can get the 3850:1003 T-DNA (i.e. the 
> plasmid used in the Feldmann mutagenesis)? I am planning to use it as 
> a probe in Southern blots of the Feldmann lines, so I believe I need 
> the left border region in particular, but any advice on this would be 
> greatly appreciated.
>    With thanks in advance,
>    Melissa Spielman, Department of Plant Sciences, Oxford

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