Copper-inducible expression system

Shinhan Shiu sshiu at
Fri Dec 1 17:49:50 EST 1995


I am interested in using an inducible gene expression system in Arabidopsis. 
Several days ago, Chris Somerville put together a summary for tet system which 
is nice but also a little bit disppointing. Because I plan to use that.

What about copper-inducible promoter system in Arabidopsis? About that, I can 
only find one reference:

Mett,V.L., Lochhead,L.P.,and Reynolds,P.H.S. 1993. Copper-controllable gene 
expression system for whole plants. PNAS USA, 90:4567.

The work is done with tobacco. I wonder whether there is any successful 
attempt in using that promoter combination in Arabidopsis or not. Since 
Arabidopsis has endogenous MT activity (Plant Cell, 1994, 6:875), it may 
result in further complication.

The other option is to use PR-1 promoter which is induced by salicylic acid. 
What about the story in this aspect?

Any comment is welcomed. Thanks in advance.

Shinhan Shiu
Dept of Botany
Univ of Wisconsin-Madison

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